Better that we expected

Better that we expected /

The trip was even better that we expected! Despite the fact, that the weather during our fishing week was not ideal, we still managed to catch bonefish in quite challenging conditions. But I think that that makes the trip more memorable compared to a situation where the weather is ideal for the whole week.

Tarpon fishing in river was fun, but I prefer flats fishing, so one day on the river was enough (as you recommended!). Guides were very professional, and I was lucky to get Gilberto, who spoke very good English. Because of that I learned a lot about bonefishing during the week. Matti had Alfonso, who didn’t speak much English at all, but I think that he is the best guide at Las Salinas.

His fish-spotting skills and knowledge about the area were excellent! The average size of bonefish was very good and we also caught a few small jacks on the flats, and tarpon and snook from the river.

The only thing that didn’t work was the breakfast at Hotel Playa Girón. They promised that we could get our breakfast at 6am, but every second day it was half hour late, so we left without eating because the guides were waiting for us at the gate at 7am. Everything else in Playa Girón worked, and it was a very good place considering its low price. Our non-fishing friends enjoyed their time also. They visited Trinidad, Cienfuegos and couple of smaller places during the week, so they didn’t get bored at all.

Havana was very a exciting place and the Hotel Park View was good. Nevertheless I think I will chose the San Miguel next time, because its location is better compared to the Park View.

Thanks again for arranging an excellent trip for us. I have already recommended you to a couple of Finnish flyfisherman, and I’m sure that this was not my last trip to Cuba!

Las Salinas, Cuba