Sunday, 16th November 2008

This was the week of the cold front.  It struck with a vengeance on Monday 17th November and continued remorselessly for the rest of the week.  Consistently high winds – day and night – and progressively lower temperatures complicated the fishing for the two of us from Castaway Flyfishing and the three Canadians travelling with Pacific Angler.

HOWEVER, on the first day (Sunday) conditions were ideal and a fisherman from each group achieved the coveted Grand Slam – Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit all in the same day.  Both permit were around 17lbs.  Brothers, Bemba and Keko were the guides.

Keko and Alexander, Castaway Flyfishing Bemba and Charles Chang, with Pacific Angler Group


For more  see:  Jardines de la Reina (Queen's Gardens)


(With thanks to Avalon Fishing Center, Cuba)