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Futa Lodge / Chile

Across the border from Esquel in Argentina, and deep into the coyhue forests of the tenth region of Chile flow the azure depths of the Futaleufú river. A world away from the hustle and bustle that even sleepy Esquel represent, the “Big River” rolls along, amid some of the most unspoilt mountain scenery on the planet. South of the Chilean lake district, Futaleufú is a stand alone fishery. The freestone giant grows healthy stocks of rainbow and brown trout that are fed by abundant hatches of mayfly, caddis and stoneflies. A heavy resident stock of fish and great hatches combined with classic fly water make the Futaleufú a trout fisherman’s paradise.

The Fishing:

The fishing at Futa lodge is largely based on the Futaleufú River which flows right by the front door of the lodge. In addition there are some smaller rivers close by that are fished and also some local lakes. For those wishing to diversify further we work closely with an outfitter on the Argentine side of the border who can arrange excellent dry-fly and nymph fishing on a host of rivers near to Esquel.

The Browns and Rainbows of the Futaleufú River and the catchment as a whole were stocked from European and American stock in the early 19th Century. The fish on the Futaleufú River in particular have gone on to establish an extremely healthy population that is the envy of wild tout fisheries the world over. A large number of Chilean rivers play host to anadromous fish as well which every year grow in numbers as the fish themselves develop wild strains from the original escapee stock that first ran these rivers. Principal species encountered are Chinook and Silver Salmon with a few sea-run browns and rainbows.

A lot of the fishing at Futa Lodge is taken on float trips from the lodge and your guide will hold you in productive areas of the drift or alternatively stop you on the shore so you can get out and wade. All methods will have their moment and you may find yourself searching the shoreline for browns with a big streamer one minute, only
to be fishing for selective rainbows on the surface the next. Water levels can change from week to week and the water generally drops as the season progresses.


Guests fly to Buenos Aires and typically overnight there to relax and spend a day

touring the city and its nightlife. The Lodge can be accessed from Buenos Aires via commercial airline to the local airport of Esquel, located just over the border in Argentina.(2 hour flight and 2 hour car transfer). Guests arriving from other areas of Chile are met in Chaiten at the airport and are transferred to the lodge via a 4 hour car transfer.

Any duration of stay at Futa Lodge is welcomed. The typical daily fishing programme is flexible but will normally start after breakfast at 8/8.30 am. Shore lunches are the norm followed by fishing in the afternoon until evening. Seasonal changes will take into account the changing light but early season fishing may be as late as 10pm, late season as early as 7pm.

The Lodge is staffed with professional local and international, English speaking guides, trained in first aid and C.P.R all of whom are also qualified casting instructors. Quality custom Built fishing Rafts with swivel ended frames Fore and Aft are provided, as are 4WD double cabin vehicles


The Lodge has a capacity for 6 anglers and 2 non-anglers (8 guests total). It features an all-inclusive bar with local spirits. A wonderful wine selection is served with our Gourmet cuisine. Lamb asados, attended by a local dance troop who will demonstrate the Cueca (national dance) is a special feature that has been a long standing tradition at the Lodge. Maid and laundry service is provided, and a 24 hour internet service is available.


The Lodge is open from Mid-December to Mid-April

Rates – 2020:

The package rate is $5,950/person/week), based on double occupancy and shared guide

Included: Lodging, Meals, all wines, beer, and local spirits at the Lodge, Professional guide services, fishing equipment (Rod, lines and reels)

Not included: International and domestic flights; Laundry service; Gratuities for guides and house staff


A 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation. Full payment is due 60 days prior to commencement of the program.

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